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domenica 2 marzo 2014

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VirtaPay has started working on what we call the Satoshi Project. This project was inspired by the Bitcoin virtual currency and replaces our original plans for a debit card. more details
Bitcoin is the first virtual currency to gain widespread attention and growing acceptance around the world. Bitcoin is known as a crypto-currency because it uses a cryptographically secure, peer-to-peer, distributed network. This technology allows Bitcoin to operate without central servers, making it nearly impossible to shut down without the consent of all bitcoin holders.
Bitcoin's technology has set a new standard for virtual currencies. We have chosen to follow a course similar to Bitcoin. We plan to convert VirtaPay into a crypto-currency, using a framework similar to Bitcoin's. We named this effort the Satoshi Project — in honor of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin.
Once this conversion to crypto-currency is complete, we will migrate all user balances into the new framework and notify our users, so you can begin using the new system. We believe this conversion will be the best course of action for VirtaPay and our users. After conversion, VirtaPay will essentially be owned and operated by you, and everyone who holds VirtaPay currency, without the need for central servers.Click for Signup and earn money

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